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Do New Build Homes have to have insulation between internal walls ?

Do new build homes have to have insulation between internal walls ? There is no universal answer to this question, as building  regulations can vary depending on the location. In some places, it may be required by law to have insulation between internal walls in new build homes, while in […]

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Who are the NHQB ? What do they do , and are all builders members ?

Who are the NHQB ? What do they do , and are all builders members ? The New Home Quality Board (NHQB) is a relatively new organization that has been established in the United Kingdom with the aim to improve the quality of new homes being built in the country. […]

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The floors are creaking and bouncing in my new build house, is this normal?

Discovering creaking and bouncing floors in your new build home can understandably cause concern. It’s a common issue, yet it signals underlying problems that merit attention. This guide looks into the causes of these floor issues and outlines effective solutions, blending expertise with practical advice to ensure your home remains […]

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Who is the best snagging company? :

Best snagging company. has been providing inspections for new home buyers for over 20 years what makes them the best snagging company A snagging company’s success depends on various factors. Here are some of the qualities that make the best snagging company: Expertise: The best snagging companies have a […]

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Snagging Inspectors

The role of a snagging inspector is to identify the defects . Poor workmanship and where builder has failed to meet the warranty standards and builder regulations A snagging inspector will typically be qualified to a minimum NVQ level 3 standard and have a minimum of 5 years construction experience […]

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