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Tailored & Invasive Building Inspections

At New Build Inspections, we have established a reputation for excellence with our comprehensive non-invasive snagging inspections, dedicated to ensuring that new homes meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Building upon this foundation of trust and expertise, we are proud to introduce our latest service innovation – Tailored and Invasive Building Inspections.

Recognising the complexities and varied challenges that homeowners face, we’ve developed our more invasive building inspections to cater to those unique situations where deeper analysis is essential.

This service is particularly invaluable for homeowners who are grappling with persistent issues in their new homes, such as unexplained cold spots that might indicate problems with insulation, or more complex disputes that arise with builders over the quality of workmanship or adherence to specifications.

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Why Choose Bespoke or Invasive Inspections?

Our bespoke building inspections are designed for those situations where a more in-depth analysis is required. These inspections are ideal for:

Investigating Cold Rooms and Insulation Issues

If you’re experiencing unexplained cold spots or suspect inadequate insulation in your home, our invasive inspections can uncover the root cause, providing clarity and direction for remedial action.

Resolving Disputes with Builders

Sometimes, disagreements arise over the quality of work or compliance with specifications. Our bespoke service offers an impartial and thorough examination to support or resolve such disputes.

Navigating Contractual Disputes

Contractual complexities can be daunting. Our inspections can provide clear, objective evidence that can be crucial in contractual disagreements between homeowners and builders.

Providing Mediation and Arbitration

In cases where an independent assessment is necessary for mediation, our inspections deliver unbiased evidence and expert opinions to aid in arbitration processes.


A Closer Look When It Matters Most

What sets our invasive building inspections apart is the level of detail and thoroughness we bring to each case. Unlike our standard non-invasive inspections, these bespoke assessments may involve opening up selected areas of the property to get a closer look at what lies beneath. This could include examining the integrity of the building, assessing the quality and adequacy of insulation, or any other hidden aspects that require attention.

Our approach to these invasive inspections is carried out with the utmost care and precision. We understand that this type of inspection can be more intrusive, and as such, we are committed to employing minimally invasive techniques wherever possible, ensuring that we minimise any disruption and damage to your property.

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What Does the Inspection Involve?

Our bespoke inspections involve a more detailed and sometimes physically intrusive examination of the property. This may include:

  • Opening up of selected areas to inspect insulation, structural integrity, and other hidden aspects.
  • Detailed analysis of specific issues, using advanced diagnostic tools and techniques.
  • Collaboration with specialised professionals where necessary, such as structural engineers or material testing laboratories.


Expert Analysis & Clear Reporting

Each tailored inspection is conducted by our team of experienced and skilled inspectors, who bring a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for detail to every assignment. We utilise advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, and where necessary, collaborate with specialised professionals, such as structural engineers or material testing laboratories, to provide the most comprehensive analysis.

At the conclusion of our inspection, we provide a detailed report that offers not just a clear depiction of our findings but also actionable recommendations. This report can be a crucial tool in resolving disputes with builders, navigating complex contractual disputes, and even in providing essential evidence for mediation and arbitration processes.


Our Approach

  • Minimally Invasive Techniques: Even though these inspections are more invasive than our standard offerings, we emphasise minimising disruption and damage to your property.
  • Clear Communication: We ensure that you are fully informed and consent to all aspects of the inspection process.
  • Detailed Reporting: Our reports provide in-depth analysis, clear findings, and actionable recommendations.
  • Expert Team: Conducted by our team of experienced inspectors, you can trust in the accuracy and professionalism of our work.


Tailored to Your Needs

Choosing a tailored inspection from New Build Inspections means you are opting for a service that is customised to meet your specific needs. Whether you are facing a perplexing issue with your new home or are embroiled in a dispute that requires an expert resolution, our service is designed to provide the in-depth insights and clarity you need.

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We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Let us show you how our tailored invasive building inspections can offer the solutions and peace of mind you seek.