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Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Thermal Imaging: Included in our Standard and Standard Plus Snagging Services

Thermal inspections play a pivotal role in our snagging services, aimed at offering a glimpse into the integrity of your newly built property. Included in our standard service is a Thermal Lite Inspection, utilising specialist infrared technology to pinpoint common internal issues such as heat loss, moisture intrusion, and electrical anomalies, among others. This service is crafted to provide an initial overview, aiding in the early identification of common concerns that may warrant further investigation.

Our Thermal Lite service focuses on inspecting key internal areas known for heat loss including doors, windows, and radiators, along with other notable sites. Although we are not thermographic specialists, our industry-standard thermal cameras, inspected and aligned with NHBC methodology, offer a reliable insight into potential problem areas. Our primary goal is to identify and advise on possible issues, helping our clients make informed decisions moving forward.

As snagging specialists, we regard thermal imaging as a valuable tool in our repertoire, essential in providing a well-rounded snagging service to our clientele.


Thermal Lite Inspections: A Glimpse into Your Property’s Health

Our thermal lite inspections provide an internal snapshot into the energy efficiency and integrity of your new home. Utilising specialist infrared cameras, these inspections can unveil a variety of potential concerns:

Heat Loss Detection
Identify areas losing heat due to inadequate insulation, thus contributing to higher energy costs.

Moisture Intrusion
Detect moisture within walls, floors, and ceilings which could lead to mould growth and structural damage.

Plumbing Leak Identification
Scan plumbing systems to pinpoint leaks that could potentially result in costly water damage.

Electrical System Analysis
Highlight areas where overloaded circuits and fixtures are emitting excessive heat, posing a fire risk.

Insect Infestation Detection
Uncover active insect nests which could lead to further pest issues.


Benefits of Opting for Our Thermal Snagging Inspections

Thermal snagging inspections offer a myriad of benefits including the quick and easy detection of potential problems that might otherwise remain unseen. This proactive approach saves both time and money, and can be instrumental in maintaining the property’s value and ensuring a comfortable living environment.


Referral to Certified Thermographers

For those seeking a more granular analysis, especially if our Thermal Lite inspection unveils complex issues, a Full Thermographic Inspection by a certified thermographer would be the logical next step. While this advanced inspection is not encompassed in our standard service, we are well-positioned to refer you to one of our trusted consultant partners for a comprehensive thermographic examination.

Securing Your Investment Through Thermal Imaging Inspection

Investing in a thermal imaging inspection during the snagging process is a prudent step towards safeguarding your new property against unforeseen complications and expenses.

Our Standard and Standard Plus Services are designed to provide a preliminary insight into the health of your new home, with the added assurance of professional referrals should a deeper analysis be warranted.

Contact us today to secure peace of mind in your property investment.


Please Note:

  • Due to the intense heat during summer months the thermal imaging process is limited.
  • Between the months of May to September we do not normally undertake thermal inspections to doors and windows, ceilings, and other hidden areas, however we will check all radiators with thermal imaging cameras.
  • If you have any questions regarding this, please ask your inspector on the day of inspection.
  • During the months of October to May thermal imaging is included as standard.