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Standard Service

We provide professional new home snagging inspections throughout the UK.

Our new build inspectors will produce a professional snagging list for your new home.

Our inspectors are highly qualified and experienced and have inspected thousands of new homes nationwide. We have combined their professional knowledge to produce an effective snagging methodology which is under constant development. This is the first time that the knowledge of chartered surveyors, senior site managers, building surveyors, architects and developers has been combined to produce a new homes snagging methodology and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Ideally the inspection will be carried out before you move in so that the developer will have time to address all the problems before you complete, but it can take place at any time in the first two years of your NHBC, Premier or Zurich warranty, if applicable, when problems with the finish of your new home are covered. We have inspected houses throughout this period.

The snagging report will be issued within 2 working days of the inspection with a copy going to you and one directly to the developer.

Once this process has begun we will be available to provide free support and advice.

Ask anybody who has bought a new build home whether they would have used our snagging service to assist them if they had known about it. We have and the responses encouraged us to set up New Build Inspections.

Our new home snagging service represents excellent value for money. To get your new home inspected by one of our professional snagging inspectors, call (0845)2266486 now.

As we only work for home buyers and do not have large contracts with the housing developers you do not need to worry about any conflict of interest. Find out what else is in it for you.

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