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Snagging Inspections using Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging: Included in our Standard and Standard Plus Snagging Services

Thermal imaging technology using specialist infrared cameras can help owners of new-build properties identify a wide range of issues, from heat loss due to lack of insulation through to leaks and insect infestations.

Operating nationally, we have been detecting energy efficiency issues in homes via thermal imaging inspections for many years. Home owners and buyers are now demanding energy efficient properties more than ever and we are well placed to help.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases we all make in our lives and we want to know everything is working well and up to spec. Existing British homes can lose up to a third of the heat from their heating systems through roofs, ceilings, and walls.

A non-destructive, non-invasive thermographic snagging survey can identify “heat leaks” and gaps in insulation which, when resolved, will help bring down the cost of heating and energy bills.


Benefits of Thermal Snagging Inspections

The ability to see things that cannot be seen by the naked eye means potential problems can be detected quicker and easier, thus saving time and money.

Exterior Insulation and Rendering Snagging Inspections
Inspecting areas like this without thermal imaging is invasive and costly. Potential rot and missing insulation can easily be detected using our state of the art camera technology.

Moisture in Ceilings and Walls
Thermal inspections allow us to detect any surface issues, and then look further inside the walls, floors, and ceilings to detect moisture and missing>

Finding Plumbing Leaks
We can scan plumbing pipework and highlight areas where there may be a leak.

Electrical Issues
Thermal imaging inspections can highlight heat being given off by overloaded circuits and fixtures, saving homeowners from potential damage and fire.

Insect Nest Detection
Active nests radiate heat which our infrared cameras can capture and highlight for further investigation.

Roof Leaks
Looking at the way a roof has dissipated its heat allows us to detect potential areas for leaks in a roof’s structure.

Energy Loss
Missing insulation, broken double-glazing seals, gaps in fixtures and fittings are quickly detected in our thermal imaging inspections.


All included in our Standard Inspection!

Our Standard Service and Standard Plus Service include lite thermal snagging inspections with thermal imaging.

When you consider the expense of buying a house or flat, the cost of including a detailed thermal analysis can highlight many hidden problems and potential future costs. Contact our professional snagging company today!


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