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NHQB Pre-completion Inspections

Snagging Inspections Before Completion

Our PCI snagging inspections are specifically designed for homeowners who have access to their property prior to legal completion, as permitted by their builder.

Our inspections follow the NHQB checklist, which outlines the specific items that can be checked during this pre-completion stage. While this limits the scope of our inspection, we still provide a thorough assessment of your property to ensure that everything is in compliance with the checklist requirements. Please note due to rule laid out by the NHQB we are unable to include thermal imaging in this package.

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Choose our PCI snagging inspection for a reliable evaluation of your property’s condition before you take legal possession.

Pre-completion snagging inspections, also known as PCI snagging inspections, are a crucial part of the home buying process. These inspections are carried out on new-build houses before the developer officially hands them over to the buyer.

The purpose of a PCI snagging inspection is to identify any defects or issues in the property that need to be rectified before final handover. This could include anything from cosmetic issues, such as paint touch-ups, to more significant structural defects, such as broken roof trusses.

It is recommended that PCI snagging inspections are carried out by an independent inspector, rather than the developer or builder, ensuring that any issues are identified objectively and thoroughly, without any potential bias towards the builder’s interests.

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The Process

During a PCI snagging inspection, our inspector will carry out a detailed inspection of the property, room by room, and compile a comprehensive list of defects and issues. Our report will then be shared with the buyer and the builder who is responsible for rectifying the issues before the property is handed over at completion.

When to have a PCI Inspection?

It is important to note that PCI snagging inspections should be carried out as close to the completion date as possible. This ensures that any issues are identified and rectified before the property is handed over to the buyer, avoiding potential delays and inconvenience.

For a deeper understanding of how PCI snagging inspections compare with standard snagging inspections and the right choice for your new home, read our blog post here.

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Overall, a pre-completion snagging inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process, helping to ensure that the property is delivered to its new owner in the best possible condition. By identifying and rectifying any issues early on, the buyer can be confident that they are moving into a high-quality property that meets their expectations.

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