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Snag List Meaning: What is a Snagging Checklist?

When you purchase a new home, particularly a newly built property, you expect it to be in perfect condition. However, this is often not the case. Even newly constructed homes can have defects – from minor cosmetic issues to more significant problems. This is where a snagging list becomes essential.

A snagging list is a comprehensive checklist of all the defects or ‘snags’ found in a new build home. These snags can range from small cosmetic issues, such as a scratch on a window, to more serious problems. The snagging list is used to communicate these issues to the housebuilder, ensuring that they are aware of and can rectify any shortcomings in the construction or finish of the property.

What is Snagging?


The Importance of a Snagging List for New Build Homes

When you invest in a new build home, you expect perfection. Unfortunately, the reality can often be quite different. New homes can have numerous issues, which, if not identified and addressed promptly, can cause significant inconvenience and additional expense down the line. The purpose of a snagging list in this context is not only to identify these issues but also to hold the housebuilder accountable for their resolution.

The snag list meaning becomes particularly significant considering that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to identify and report defects. While housebuilders are expected to check and address any cosmetic defects before the sale is completed, it’s unrealistic to expect them to catch every issue. This makes the creation of a thorough snagging list a crucial step in the home buying process.


Creating a Snagging Checklist

Creating a snagging checklist requires a detailed inspection of the property. Every aspect of the home should be scrutinised, from the exterior walls and roof to the interior finishes, plumbing, and electrical systems. The aim is to create a detailed list of every issue, no matter how small, to ensure that your home meets the standards you expect.

Ideally, the best time to compile a snagging list is when the property is finished and ready for you to move in. This is usually around the time of exchanging contracts with the housebuilder. However, gaining access to the property before completion can sometimes be challenging, as housebuilders may restrict access while they still own the land.

If you’re unable to compile a snagging list before moving in, it’s crucial to do so as soon as possible afterwards. Delaying this process can make it more challenging to prove that the defects were pre-existing and not caused by the move. Fortunately, homeowners typically have up to two years from the completion date to report defects under the property’s warranty, which usually lasts for ten years.


The Benefits of Employing New Build Inspections for Your Snagging Checklist

While it’s possible to create a snagging list yourself, employing a professional service like New Build Inspections offers numerous advantages. With extensive experience in identifying defects in new build properties, New Build Inspections can provide a comprehensive and expertly crafted snagging checklist. This ensures that even the most minor issues are identified and reported.

The benefits of using New Build Inspections for your snagging list include:

  1. Expertise and Attention to Detail: New Build Inspections brings a level of expertise that goes beyond the average homeowner’s knowledge. Our experience in the industry means we know exactly what to look for, ensuring a thorough inspection of your property.
  2. Objective Assessment: As an independent entity, New Build Inspections provides an unbiased assessment of your new home, free from any conflict of interest.
  3. Time and Stress Saving: Compiling a snagging list can be a time-consuming and stressful process. By entrusting this task to professionals, you save time and can have peace of mind knowing that your home will be thoroughly inspected.
  4. Higher Standards of Accountability: A professional snagging list can hold housebuilders to a higher standard, ensuring that they address all identified issues promptly and effectively.

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A snagging list is a crucial tool for new homeowners, ensuring that their property is up to the standard they expect and deserve. Employing a professional service like New Build Inspections to create this list can offer additional peace of mind, expertise, and efficiency in this important process.

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