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Inspection Services Provided by New Build Inspections (Section B)


“NBI” means New Build Consultants Limited trading as New Build Inspections (company number 09046747, registered office 111 New Union Street, Coventry CV1 2NT). “We”, “us”, “our” should be construed accordingly.

“NBI inspector” means a suitably experienced, qualified and accredited inspector employed or contracted by us to provide our services to you. Your contract will be with us, not the NBI inspector. NBI inspectors accept no personal responsibility to you for the services they undertake on our behalf. Any claim or complaint about the services provided to you by us or by an NBI inspector on our behalf should be addressed in writing to NBI at our registered office address.

Fee Payment

You will pay the advertised fee, including VAT prior to the inspection date, or by prior agreement with NBI, prior to issue of the snagging report.

Where the NBI inspector is unable to gain entry, refused entry by the site or is asked to leave the premises at any point during the inspection, 50% of the Inspection fee will be due (in order to recover some of our costs) so it’s up to the client to ensure that access arrangements are confirmed in writing with us, and with the builder. NBI will always confirm access arrangements, where we fail to ensure access arrangements, there will be no costs to the client as a result.

Fee Payment (Cancellation Policy)

Should clients wish to cancel the inspection they can do so at any time, for any reason, there is no cancellation fee so long as the client has confirmed the cancellation with the office by telephone no later than 17:00 on the day prior to inspection.

Inspection Reports – What We Will Do

The NBI inspector will use reasonable skill and care in carrying out a visual, non-invasive inspection of habitable and ordinarily accessible parts of the property including garages and grounds to check standards of workmanship, fit and finish against generally accepted (and where applicable, published) workmanship standards and tolerances.

Where ladder access to loft spaces is possible, the NBI inspector will carry out a visual inspection from the top of a ladder but will not enter the loft.

In wet weather, the NBI inspector will assess the performance of gutters and check external areas for ponding or improper falls as far as reasonably practicable.

A drone inspection can be carried out of the exterior of the property if booked separately [at the time of ordering or before the site visit – please let us know in good time if you require this service]. Please note, the use of drones is not allowed on PCI inspections due to NHQB rules.

The NBI inspector will advise the client by means of a written report. The report will only identify issues identified during the visit. If a follow-up visit is undertaken, the NBI inspector’s findings from that follow-up visit will be set out in an addendum report giving the date of the re-inspection.

Photos of the property may be taken on site by the inspector for use in the report. If, on receipt of the report, you object to the use of any photos, please let us know within 7 days of receipt and we will amend our report as necessary.

The NBI inspector may (where appropriate and when conditions allow) use thermal imaging equipment to assess whether there may be cold bridging or excessive heat loss. Thermal images may be suggestive of where to carry out further destructive or invasive investigations but are not usually conclusive of the presence or extent of underlying defects. You should exercise caution when relying on any thermal images contained in your inspection report. Please note, the use of thermal images is not allowed on PCI inspections due to NHQB rules.

Inspection Reports – What We Don’t Do

The NBI inspector will not carry out any invasive or destructive investigations, enter uninhabitable areas such as roof spaces, or work at height. The NBI inspector will not assess technical compliance with Building Regulations, or compliance with any design, structural engineering or materials requirements that may apply to the construction of the property or external features such as retaining walls. If you require these kinds of investigations to be undertaken, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If habitable or ordinarily accessible areas of the property are not accessible on the day of the site visit these will not be checked, and this will be made clear in the report.

The NBI inspector will not test service media such as phone lines or aerials; gas or electrical installations (including solar arrays); plumbing installations; security apparatus or installations such as alarms, door locks or sprinkler systems; or mechanical installations such as air source heat pumps or mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. If you require these kinds of investigations to be undertaken please contact us to discuss your requirements, alternatively please make your own arrangements with specialist contractors to attend your property to carry out these checks.

The NBI inspector is not able to assess whether boundary features align with legal boundaries or advise on legal matters such as easements or rights of access. Please consult your conveyancing solicitor over such issues.

When Your Inspection Report Will Be Due

NBI aims to deliver inspection reports via email within two business days of the inspection date. However, this may not always be possible and NBI accepts no responsibility for any delays. If you have a specific deadline you wish us to meet for getting our inspection report to you, please let us know in writing without delay and we will use our reasonable endeavours to meet that deadline. NBI accepts no responsibility for failing to meet such deadline.

Amendments to Your Inspection Report

If you identify any errors or wish us to consider amendments to your inspection report, please let us know as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days of when you receive it. We will make appropriate amendments as necessary without additional charge.

Data Protection Policy

By sending a cheque for £2, we will provide all data held on any individual by this company, no financial data is kept.

Force Majeure and Inspection Schedule Adjustments

While NBI makes every effort to conduct inspections as scheduled, unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to severe weather conditions, natural disasters, or other events beyond our control (“Force Majeure Events”), may necessitate changes to the timing or date of an inspection.

  1. Safety First: The safety of our inspectors is paramount. In the event of adverse weather conditions or other situations that may pose a risk to the health and safety of our inspectors, NBI reserves the right to reschedule the inspection at short notice.
  2. Notification: In such cases, NBI will endeavour to notify the client as soon as reasonably possible regarding any changes to the scheduled inspection time or date.
  3. Rescheduling: We will work closely with the client to find a suitable alternative date or time for the inspection, considering the urgency and the client’s availability.
  4. Liability: NBI shall not be held liable for any delays, changes, or cancellations of scheduled inspections due to Force Majeure Events. We appreciate the client’s understanding and cooperation in these circumstances.
  5. Client Communication: Clients are encouraged to contact NBI in advance of the scheduled inspection date if they have concerns about potential Force Majeure Events or their impact on the inspection.


Our surveys are conducted according to our opinion whether something should be addressed. However we may refer to a snag being “out of tolerance” which will (for the most part) be according to tolerances and best practise guidance from the NHBC.

The NBC currently provides the most in-depth guidance available of any warranty companies (such as the LABC and Premier. Due to most following suit of the NHBC, we may reference something being “out of tolerance” which by proxy shall indicate the standards expected from all warranty providers.

Whereby there is no tolerance associated to the snag being raised, we are using or professional judgement that something is not ‘as it should be’. The governance over this is provided in the Building Regulations which state the following:

Building Regulation

Materials and workmanship

(1) Building work shall be carried out –

  • (a) with adequate and proper materials which –
    • (i) are appropriate for the circumstances in which they are used
    • (ii) are adequately mixed or prepared, and
    • (iii) are applied, used or fixed so as adequately to perform the functions for which they are designed; and
  • (b) in a workmanlike manner.