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Consumer Code for Home Builders – What can you expect from your new home?

The Consumer Code for Home Builders have put together a web page about what a home buyer can expect when purchasing a new home. Here’s a summary… Moving In The home builder should hand over the home, demonstrate how its facilities work, and provide keys. Any observed defects should be […]

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New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS)

The New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS) is an independent body that assists customers in resolving issues with their newly purchased homes, particularly when the registered developer fails to address these issues. It covers the period from the reservation and legal completion of a property through to after-sales and complaints management […]

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NHQB Consumer Code Book

The New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice is a comprehensive guide that establishes standards for selling new homes, handling legal documents and completion processes, managing after-sales services and complaints, and adhering to solvency and legal requirements within the appropriate jurisdiction. NHQB Consume r Code Book

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NHBC Guide to Your New Home

A practical guide to looking after your new home… NHBC Guide to Your New Home

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NHBC Guide to Cracking in Homes

NHQB’s guide provides an understanding of the common causes of cracks in homes and offers advice on actions to take upon discovering a crack. NHBC Cracking in Homes

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NHBC Complaints Procedure

Experiencing issues with NHBC’s Claims service? Lodge your complaint via phone on 01908 746121, email, online form, or by post. NHBC’s Consumer Affairs Team promises a fair, consistent, and prompt investigation. They aim to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and resolve it within 8 weeks. If […]

Read More Forum for Snagging Questions is a website and forum created in 2004. It’s all about helping people understand the process of buying a new home, focusing specifically on the snagging stage. This is a key phase in the home buying process that many people overlook. The website is maintained by a mix of […]

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