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Brick /block or Timber frame : which is best ?

What is the best form of construction: brick /blocks or timber frame construction The best form of construction between brick/block and timber frame largely depends on various factors such as budget, climate, location, personal preference, and intended use of the building. Brick/block construction offers durability, fire resistance, and excellent sound […]

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Who is the best snagging company? :

Best snagging company. has been providing inspections for new home buyers for over 20 years what makes them the best snagging company A snagging company’s success depends on various factors. Here are some of the qualities that make the best snagging company: Expertise: The best snagging companies have a […]

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NHQB PCI Checklist or Snagging Inspection….which to choose ?

Heres something i found on facebook that sums up the current state of things Home buyer asks builder can we have our home inspected prior to legal completion ? Builder says yes , but it has to be a PCI checklist and not a full snagging inspection …apparently the PCI […]

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