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Solve Your Waterlogged Garden Woes with Proven Solutions!

Are you a new build homeowner in the UK grappling with a waterlogged garden or lawn? You’re not alone! Many face this common issue, which can turn your dream garden into a muddy nightmare. But fear not, we have gathered effective strategies and real-world advice to help you turn things […]

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Can I add extra parking at my new home ?

Investing in a new build house offers a blank canvas for creating your dream living space. Beyond interior design, you might also consider making changes to the exterior, such as modifying the street scene and adding extra parking. While these ideas can greatly improve functionality and aesthetics, it’s important to […]

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When to lay turf : new builds

Laying new turf in your new build is NOT a good idea during a heatwave So when is the best time to lay new turf in a new build house ?. RHS advises that the best time to lay turf is in mid autumn and early winter …..whenever the ground […]

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Steps in gardens ..nhbc standards

Guarding and steps Retaining structures and steps shall be adequately guarded and allow safe use. Guarding should be provided where: The guarding should:

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HBF / NHBC New Build Survey Results

Homeowners reveal what they wish they’d known before buying Over 7000 buyers who bought a new build in the last 3 years recently revealed their regrets. Property management, parking and gardens top the list of things they wish they had thought about before buying their home. Those surveyed also voted […]

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Should my New Build Garden be Level?

Whoooaaa …you feeling sick yet!? When it comes to the slopes and gradients in your new build home’s garden, there are a few important factors to consider. While there is no specific requirement for a level garden under NHBC standards, it’s essential to understand how the topography of the site […]

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