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Should my New Build Garden be Level?

Whoooaaa …you feeling sick yet!?

When it comes to the slopes and gradients in your new build home’s garden, there are a few important factors to consider. While there is no specific requirement for a level garden under NHBC standards, it’s essential to understand how the topography of the site influences the garden’s design.

Working with the Topography

In most cases, if your new build site is on a slope, it’s expected that your garden will reflect this natural contour. The NHBC emphasizes that the garden should follow the topography of the site, allowing for a harmonious integration with the surrounding landscape. This means embracing the unique characteristics of the terrain rather than attempting to level off the entire area.

Developer Promises and Negotiations

There may be exceptions to the general rule of following the site’s topography, particularly if you have negotiated specific terms with the developer regarding a level garden. If you have written documentation or have been promised a level garden during negotiations, these agreements should be honored. However, it’s crucial to clarify such arrangements beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.

Dealing with Steep Slopes

When faced with steep slopes in your garden, it’s essential to consider suitable treatments. The NHBC provides guidelines regarding the steepness of slopes and how areas should be addressed. These guidelines aim to ensure safety, functionality, and proper drainage. Depending on the gradient, you may need to incorporate steps, terracing, or other appropriate measures to create a usable and visually appealing space.

While NHBC standards do not mandate a level garden for new builds, understanding the role of slopes and gradients is essential for designing a garden that complements your home and the surrounding environment. By embracing the natural topography and considering suitable treatments for steep areas, you can create a beautiful and functional garden that meets your expectations. Remember to review any developer promises or negotiated agreements to ensure they align with your desired outcome.

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