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Category: Building Cracks

Latency in concrete floors

Problems with concrete floors in new builds Understanding Latency in Concrete Floors and How to Fix It. Introduction Concrete is a widely used building material known for its durability and strength. However, even the most well-constructed concrete floors can suffer from an issue known as “latency.” Latency in concrete floors […]

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NHBC Guide to Cracking in New Build Homes

NHBC on shrinkage and Cracking in New homes The National House Building Council (NHBC) is the leading organization that sets standards and provides warranties for new homes in the uk , therecare many others , but most adopt the NHBC standards . The NHBC defines cracking in new build homes […]

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Cracks in new build concrete floors?

Is it normal to see cracks in concrete floors of new build houses ?. The NHBC in thier technical standards confirm that cracks are not normally serious and are very unlikely to affect the stability of the building. What causes cracking? There are a number of reasons why cracking can […]

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What is Shrinkage?

Here at New Build Inspections, we’ve seen everything snag related, whether that be doors not closing properly, to concerns of safety within a building. In this blog, we want to discuss what is shrinkage, including the difference between shrinkage and the settlement period, what the builders will have to do […]

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