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Category: Brickwork

Brick /block or Timber frame : which is best ?

What is the best form of construction: brick /blocks or timber frame construction The best form of construction between brick/block and timber frame largely depends on various factors such as budget, climate, location, personal preference, and intended use of the building. Brick/block construction offers durability, fire resistance, and excellent sound […]

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Good brickwork : a snaggers guide

There are many resources on the net on what good brickwork looks like , but little on what bad brickwork is and perhaps how it’s come about One useful resource is the NHBC guide to good brickwork which now out of print is available to view and download So what […]

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Changes in Colour of Brickwork on a New Build

NHBC states in the document…. A Consistant approach to finishes that: Fairfaced masonry should: be reasonably uniform in texture, finish and colour, including mortar not have excessive colour banding not have significant cracks in the facing bricks or other damage, such as chips and marks greater than 15mm in diameter. […]

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