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Changes in Colour of Brickwork on a New Build

NHBC states in the document…. A Consistant approach to finishes that:

Fairfaced masonry should:

  • be reasonably uniform in texture, finish and colour, including mortar
  • not have excessive colour banding
  • not have significant cracks in the facing bricks or other damage, such as chips and marks greater than 15mm in diameter.

Where a fairfaced finish can only be achieved on one side (such as half brick walls), the other faces should be left neat and tidy.

Also note:

  • some mortar blemishes will occur on individual masonry units.
  • some variation will occur in the texture, finish and colour of mortar, in individual masonry units and generally over the wall.
  • efflorescence occurs naturally in some types of masonry. it is not harmful and generally disappears over time.
  • some brick products have features or marks which may be in excess of 15mm in diameter.
  • some minor shrinkage cracking may occur between masonry units (bricks and blocks) and mortar joints.

New build inspections says :

Clearly whoever built the front elevation of this house did not read the standards ….I bet the site manager was miffed when the scaffold came down

Oh ..” it will weather in ” did I hear