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Latency in Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are fundamental to the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of modern construction, offering unparalleled durability and strength. However, they are not without their challenges, notably the issue of latency—a condition that can significantly compromise both the appearance and functionality of new build homes. Our latest knowledgebase article delves […]

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The floors are creaking and bouncing in my new build house, is this normal?

Discovering creaking and bouncing floors in your new build home can understandably cause concern. It’s a common issue, yet it signals underlying problems that merit attention. This guide looks into the causes of these floor issues and outlines effective solutions, blending expertise with practical advice to ensure your home remains […]

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Defective Bouncy Floors – NHBC Offers New Guidance

In light of recent discussions and a pivotal meeting in January 2023 involving floor joist manufacturers and the NHBC Standards, Innovation and Research team, they have issued updated guidance concerning the construction and inspection of floors in new build homes. This comes as a response to multiple enquiries and the […]

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Are cracks in new build concrete floors normal?

Cracks in the concrete floors of new build homes are a relatively common occurrence, often raising concerns among homeowners. The National House Building Council (NHBC) in their technical standards, however, provides reassurance, confirming that such cracks are usually not serious and are very unlikely to affect the stability of the […]

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My new build floors aren’t flat and level, what are the tolerances?

Understanding Floor Tolerances in New Builds When you move into a new build home, you expect everything to be perfect. However, sometimes you may find that your floors aren’t quite as flat or level as you’d hoped. This might lead to the question: what are the acceptable tolerances for floor […]

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Floor Tiling on Damp Concrete Floors

Encountering damp concrete floors in new builds can pose a significant challenge, especially when it comes to flooring installation. This issue came to light during a recent inspection of a newly constructed property, where the homeowner expressed difficulties in securing a floor tiler willing to undertake their project. This reluctance […]

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