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Can I add extra parking at my new home ?

Investing in a new build house offers a blank canvas for creating your dream living space. Beyond interior design, you might also consider making changes to the exterior, such as modifying the street scene and adding extra parking. While these ideas can greatly improve functionality and aesthetics, it’s important to […]

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NHQB Consumer Code Book

The New Homes Quality Board Code of Practice is a comprehensive guide that establishes standards for selling new homes, handling legal documents and completion processes, managing after-sales services and complaints, and adhering to solvency and legal requirements within the appropriate jurisdiction. NHQB Consume r Code Book

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NHBC Guide to Your New Home

A practical guide to looking after your new home… NHBC Guide to Your New Home

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NHBC Guide to Cracking in Homes

NHQB’s guide provides an understanding of the common causes of cracks in homes and offers advice on actions to take upon discovering a crack. NHBC Cracking in Homes

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NHBC Complaints Procedure

Experiencing issues with NHBC’s Claims service? Lodge your complaint via phone on 01908 746121, email, online form, or by post. NHBC’s Consumer Affairs Team promises a fair, consistent, and prompt investigation. They aim to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and resolve it within 8 weeks. If […]

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