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Author: Yvonne Lau

Five things to look out for when moving into your new home

Before you consider getting a home it is important to seek the professional service of a mortgage advisor like Peak Mortgages. This will entail having access to exclusive deals from builders and getting assistance in completing documentation to ensure quick processing. Also, the service of a mortgage advisor is important […]

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What is Shrinkage?

Here at New Build Inspections, we’ve seen everything snag related, whether that be doors not closing properly, to concerns of safety within a building. In this blog, we want to discuss what is shrinkage, including the difference between shrinkage and the settlement period, what the builders will have to do […]

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What is the New Build Snagging Period?

Here at New Build Inspections, we’ve seen everything there is to see regarding snags in new build homes. We understand that when you buy something, no matter how small or big, you expect quality- especially if you’re putting your trust into it before it’s even built. Your first home is […]

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