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What is the New Build Snagging Period?

Here at New Build Inspections, we’ve seen everything there is to see regarding snags in new build homes. We understand that when you buy something, no matter how small or big, you expect quality- especially if you’re putting your trust into it before it’s even built. Your first home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, so you want it to be right. In this blog, we will discuss everything about the new build snagging period.


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How long is a new build snagging period?

Some people don’t know that you are covered for the first 2 years after the completion date of your new home. This is handy to know in case there are any defects (snags) that you find during this time, in or around your home. Up until this point has passed, it is your housebuilder’s responsibility to fix any of these snags- regarding that you submit your snagging list within this period of time. Builders must correct any faults that they have made in order to meet the expectations set by their warranty provider.

Can the housebuilders dispute the snagging inspection?

Yes, technically, housebuilders do have the right to refuse the fixes. They might believe that they are within the standards set by the warranty provider. The guidelines set can be subjective, what you may think is a snag, the housebuilders may disagree with. This is where disputes arise, which is why it’s always important to get a professional snagging company to carry this out for you.

What do I do if the builders dispute the snagging inspection within the new build snagging period?

You should firstly contact the builder, asking them to fix certain faults and a timeframe in which they can make these repairs. If they disagree, you should be able to negotiate a solution that works for both of you. If the housebuilder isn’t working with you to come up with a suitable solution, you should contact New Build Inspections to help you have the knowledge and experience behind you.


If we have tried to liaise with the builder and they are refusing to make changes to your property, your warranty provider should be contacted. Your warranty may provide a solution that resolves any differences between you and the builder. You should have received details of the warranty provider before exchanging contracts. This should include useful information regarding how to deal with defects and how to appropriately make a claim.


Another third party that can help resolve this solution is the National House Building Council (NHBC). This is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new builds. All new buildings must comply with certain standards- these standards are set by the NHBC. If the home is not up to these standards, the housebuilder must put it right.


If you have had no luck, even after liaising with your builders, don’t fear the worst. Luckily, the NHBC provides a free service which helps if there are any disputes between you, us and the builders. If the builder has failed to meet any certain standards and if they haven’t, how they can meet them. They will get in touch with the builder asking them to resolve the dispute- at this point, the builders will often carry out the work to stop further action from being taken. If the work still isn’t carried out, the NHBC will get involved and assess your case. A claims investigator will then arrange a resolution meeting at your home with the builder until you reach an agreement. 

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