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The House Builders Federation ( HBF) and Their Star Rating System

What does it all mean for new home buyers.

Who is the House Builders Federation (HBF)?

The HBF is the voice of the house building industry in England and Wales, representing private sector builders responsible for roughly 80% of new homes built each year. Founded in 1939, they advocate for their members and influence policies affecting the housing market.

Understanding the HBF Star Rating System.

This system assigns star ratings (from 1 to 5) to builders based on homeowner satisfaction surveys. Homebuyers who purchase newly built properties from HBF members receive surveys after they move in. These surveys assess various aspects of the buying experience, including customer service, build quality, and after-sales care.

Who Votes and When?

Homeowners who buy from HBF member companies are responsible for the votes. They receive surveys typically a few months after moving in, allowing them to provide feedback on their experience with the builder. These surveys are conducted throughout the year.

Top Performers: Who Are the Best Builders?

The HBF website publish a list of “builders” based solely on star ratings. 

They also provide a search tool where you can find HBF members and their star ratings to help you compare builders in your area.

Criticisms of the HBF Star Rating System:

The system has faced criticism for potentially not reflecting the entire customer experience. Here are some common complaints:

Limited Scope: Surveys focus on post-purchase satisfaction, potentially neglecting issues during the buying process like communication or responsiveness.

Sample Size: Surveys rely on homeowner participation, and low response rates might not provide a complete picture.

Bias: Some argue builders might incentivize satisfied customers to participate, skewing results.

Are Satisfaction Levels Improving?

There’s no definitive answer on whether satisfaction is improving or declining. While the HBF doesn’t publish historical data, you can find news articles reporting on yearly HBF star rating averages. This might give you a general idea of trends, but keep in mind these are averages and individual builder performance can vary.

Where to Find Statistics?

The HBF website doesn’t disclose historical star rating data. However, they might publish press releases or reports mentioning yearly averages.

Alternatively, industry news websites might cover HBF star rating results and offer insights on trends.

For specific statistics on 2022 and 2023, you’ll need to do some additional research. Try searching for “HBF star rating results 2022” or “HBF star rating report 2023” to see if you can find relevant news articles or industry reports.

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