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The Pros and Cons of buying a Show Home

Buying a new build show home has its pros and cons compared to waiting for a later phase or a completed home. Here are some considerations:

Pros of buying a new build show home:

1. Immediate occupancy: You can move in right away, as the show home is usually fully finished and furnished.
2. High-quality finishes: Show homes often showcase the builder’s best work, with top-notch materials and design.
3. No surprises: You can see exactly what you’re getting before buying, reducing the risk of unexpected issues.
4. Builder incentives: Builders may offer special incentives or discounts for show home purchases.
5. Energy efficiency: New builds typically have modern energy-efficient features, saving you money on utilities.
6. greater levels of specificifcation especially in the landscaping area
7. Potential for sales office …to be retained as home office or gym

Cons of buying a new build show home:

1. Premium price: Show homes can be more expensive due to their upgraded features and furnishings.
2. Wear and tear: Show homes may have some wear from being on display, which might require maintenance.
3. Limited customization: You may have fewer options to personalize the home’s design and finishes.
4. Potential for changes: Builders might make minor changes to the home before finalizing the sale.
5. Location: Show homes are often in the front of a development, which may have more construction noise and traffic.
6. Show homes will often have signs of aging
7. Show homes may be sold as seen , and may have no or limited warranty
8. Check for missing parts …as sometimes they can be used as a spare parts bin

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities, budget, and timeline. If you want a move-in-ready home with premium features and are comfortable with the price, a show home can be a good choice.

However, if you prefer more customization or are looking for a better deal, waiting for a later phase might be a better option.