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NHQB PCI Checklist or Snagging Inspection….which to choose ?

Heres something i found on facebook that sums up the current state of things

Home buyer asks builder can we have our home inspected prior to legal completion ?

Builder says yes , but it has to be a PCI checklist and not a full snagging inspection …apparently the PCI differs

So someone on Facebook said ( I don’t recall your name ( but happy to credit you if you get in touch ).

They are right in what they are saying, there is a set list/template that must be followed, but it don’t have to be one provided by them. Your inspector is free to use his own method to create a report as long as the detail within the pre-completion inspection checklist is not deviated from.

And here’s the key point

That being said, it’s a complete waste of your money and time. The pre-completion inspection checklist/template that must be followed is highly restrictive in nature. Building regulation or warranty provider standard failures can’t be referenced, thermal imaging can’t be conducted and some items the inspector would have to turn a complete blind eye too. It’s a basic cosmetic and functionality test of the home.

All it helps to do is take away your snaggers biggest asset and the reason you would employ one in the first place, their knowledge.

For instance, your inspector can highlight a paint run on a fire door. They wouldn’t however be able to mention that the same fire door, something designed to help save lives is installed incorrectly, it’s complete madness.

We at New Build Inspections support the view that:

You are much better off having your inspection carried out once you complete as there are absolutely no restrictions imposed upon your inspector and what they can report on.