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My Cold room ….a snaggers thoughts !

Cold rooms above garages and in rooms within a roof situations

Every year starting around October the phone starts to ring with new home buyers who have a cold room in the house

Typically it’s a room above a garage or a room in the roof…. Or both

Some background

In order to make the technical standards laid down by the NHBC the builder has to ensure that the heating design to each other rooms meets a specified temperature each room is different… Bedrooms are typically 18 degrees all the different warranty companies to have slightly different standards

What’s the problem

Calls from new build home owners with various accounts of rooms which get hot and then go cool, of rooms which fail to get hot at all, rooms where the floor in the rooms feels cold , rooms where the the left-hand side of the room was hot and the right hand side the room is cold ……and many other variables

You might expect rooms above a garage to be stuffed with insulation ..but it’s not always the case

You would expect rooms in roofs to have high performance insulations fitted

Our experience using thermal imaging cameras in that whilst the insulation is present’s often bably fitted , slipped, moved or been disturbed by other trades

Example of cold air leakage in a bedroom ceiling

So what happens next ?

Well some form of complaint goes in to the builder …and they say they have built to standard …which they have


There’s massive cold areas still

And here lies the problem in the industry’s not geared up to deal with this kind of a complaint and expensive to get to for perceived little benefit