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How to Choose a Snagging Inspector?

Choosing the right snagging inspector is a pivotal decision in your home-buying journey. Our video tells you why New Build Inspections stands out as the UK’s premier snagging inspection service, offering unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication to homeowners. With over 21 years of dedicated service, New Build Inspections has helped more than 19,000 new home buyers ensure that their homes meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our award-winning team of surveyors brings unparalleled industry knowledge and insight, allowing us to spot even the most subtle issues that others might miss.

At New Build Inspections, our allegiance lies solely with you, the homeowner. Our independent status ensures that all inspections and reports are completely unbiased. We work solely in your interest, providing honest, comprehensive assessments that you can trust. This independence is crucial for providing the fair and accurate evaluations necessary to safeguard your investment.

Our inspectors utilise the latest technology, including thermal imaging cameras and electronic moisture meters, to conduct the most comprehensive inspections possible. This advanced technology allows us to detect hidden defects that might not be visible to the naked eye, ensuring that your new home is in perfect condition.

Understanding the status of your new build is vital. That’s why our reports are detailed and easy to comprehend. Each report is meticulously prepared with clear descriptions, photographs, and expert analysis to help you understand the condition of your property. These reports are not only tools for identifying defects but also powerful instruments in discussions with builders about necessary corrections.

Our service doesn’t end once the report is delivered. New Build Inspections offers dedicated aftercare support to guide you through the process of addressing any issues we might uncover. We stand by our clients until all snags are rectified, providing peace of mind and making the transition into your new home as smooth as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it; our reputation is built on the trust and satisfaction of the thousands of homeowners we’ve assisted. We encourage you to read through our customer reviews and see for yourself why New Build Inspections is the top choice for new homebuyers across the UK.

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