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How to choose a snagging inspector

It’s particularly important that you select a company with the necessary proficiency and experience to properly undertake an inspection and which is capable of demonstrating the appropriate skills and competence required. With the growth of the market sector, we have witnessed a surge in the emergence of new snagging companies and it is therefore essential that the company you commission has the ability to give evidence of its longevity in the construction sector.

You should also ask the snagging inspection company whether it can:

Show the length of their ‘snagging’ experience within the new build sector
Confirm the years of experience of individual inspectors
Give details of equipment used during a survey, e.g. thermal imaging cameras, (electronic) moisture meters/damp testers, electronic/digital levels etc
Provide you with a sample report
Confirm it has back office or “behind the scenes” support
Confirm it analyses/checks Trustpilot consumer reviews
Give details of after-care provision (vital as you go through the process of rectifying snags with the developer).