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New Build Defects

100 to 200 defects in a third of new homes

Results from New Homes Snagging Site indicate that new build homes in the UK are riddled with defects with over a third of new build houses having between 100 and 200 defects.

The problem is getting worse

Experience of defects and/or snags in the home has increased (90{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} compared with 84{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} in 2001 and 81{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} in 2000). However,satisfaction with the overall service provided in dealing with these problems remains positive (51{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} satisfied),and only slightly lower than previously (53{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} versus 54{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} in 2000).

Housing Forum, National Customer Satisfaction Survey 2003.

We believe these figures do not provide the full picture as new build home owners are not trained to identify snags and we find defects in all the homes we inspect.

Consumers have little protection

New homes are exempt from the Sale of Goods and Services Act of 1994. If this were not the case you could simply write to the developer asking them to fix the problem within two weeks. If they were unable to do this for whatever reason, you could then get another company to do the work and bill the developer.

We can help

If you use our service we will professionally inspect your house to make sure all the defects are picked up and we will also put pressure on the developer to deal with these problems as soon as possible. Once this is done you will be able to fully enjoy your defect-free new home and you will not have to worry about astute buyers picking up on defects when you come to sell.

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