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Own New: Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop

How the Own New scheme simplifies homeownership with Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop, making new builds accessible with lower deposits and rates.

In recent times, homeownership has become increasingly difficult for many, amid soaring property prices and stringent lending criteria. However, the Own New scheme emerges as an option for prospective buyers eyeing new build homes.

This innovative programme, crafted with the objective of making home ownership more attainable, offers two distinctive products – the Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop – each designed to address the hurdles of high interest rates and substantial deposit requirements.

Own New, conceived by entrepreneur Eliot Darcy through Market Mortgage, represents a collaborative effort with home builders and lenders to facilitate reduced rate and smaller deposit mortgages on new builds. The scheme’s foundation rests on a simple premise: you secure a standard mortgage but with the advantage of owning 100% of your home from the outset. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, looking for a house or a flat, Own New extends its benefits to a wide demographic, underscoring its commitment to enhancing accessibility to homeownership.

The Own New scheme, with its Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop products, stands out as a significant development in the quest to make homeownership more accessible. By addressing the twin challenges of high deposits and interest rates, it paves the way for a broader demographic to realise their dream of owning a home. As we move forward, the success of such initiatives will be crucial in shaping a more inclusive property market, one where the dream of homeownership becomes a reality for many more individuals.


How It Works

Embarking on the Own New scheme’s journey is designed to be a clear and straightforward process, aimed at demystifying the often complex path to homeownership. It begins with the prospective buyer selecting an eligible new build property, a step that opens the door to a world of possibilities under the Own New umbrella. Once a property has been chosen, the next step involves consulting with an approved Own New mortgage broker. This phase is more than just a procedural formality; it is a bespoke consultation that carefully matches the buyer’s unique financial situation and homeownership goals with the most appropriate Own New product—be it Rate Reducer or Deposit Drop.

This tailored approach ensures that the chosen financial product aligns with the buyer’s specific needs, taking into account factors such as affordability, long-term financial planning, and the desire for flexibility or stability in mortgage payments. The Own New mortgage broker plays a key role in navigating the complexities of mortgage products, offering expert advice and guidance to make the decision-making process as informed and seamless as possible.

Following this, the culmination of the process is the achievement of homeownership—a brand-new home that is entirely yours from the moment you cross the threshold. The Own New scheme is designed to streamline this journey, removing obstacles and simplifying the steps to ownership. Its goal extends beyond merely facilitating the purchase of a property; it seeks to empower buyers with the confidence and support needed to make informed decisions, ultimately making the dream of owning a brand-new home a more accessible and stress-free reality for a diverse range of buyers.


Rate Reducer: A Path to Lower Payments

In the face of the escalating cost-of-living crisis, the Rate Reducer emerges as an invaluable solution, offering significantly reduced mortgage rates during the crucial initial period of the loan. This innovative product dramatically lowers monthly payments, thus providing homeowners with much-needed financial breathing space.

By easing the burden of high monthly outgoings, it enables individuals and families to manage their finances more comfortably, ensuring that they can enjoy their new homes without the stress of overwhelming expenses. The beauty of the Rate Reducer lies not only in its immediate financial relief but also in its alignment with the Own New philosophy of making homeownership more accessible to a wider audience.

It represents a tangible solution to one of the most pressing hurdles faced by prospective homeowners today, allowing them to secure their dream homes on terms that are far more manageable. This product embodies the commitment of Own New to break down the barriers to homeownership, offering a lifeline to those who may have thought such a dream was beyond their reach in the current economic climate.


Deposit Drop: Your Gateway to Quicker Homeownership

The Deposit Drop programme distinguishes itself as a pivotal innovation in the property market by reducing the initial deposit requirement to a mere 5%, alongside offering competitive mortgage rates. This significant reduction in the upfront financial burden makes the dream of homeownership attainable for a wider range of individuals, including first-time buyers and those without the means for a large deposit.

Traditionally, the challenge of accumulating a substantial deposit has deterred many potential homeowners, often necessitating years of saving or reliance on financial gifts from family members. Deposit Drop effectively removes this obstacle, democratising access to the property market and enabling a more diverse group of buyers to step onto the property ladder with confidence.

This initiative not only facilitates a quicker transition into homeownership but also reflects Own New’s dedication to enhancing the affordability and accessibility of modern, new-build homes. By streamlining the buying process and minimising the financial strain on buyers, Deposit Drop embodies a proactive approach to addressing the housing needs of today’s society.

It offers a practical solution for those who have been marginalised by traditional mortgage requirements, affirming Own New’s role as a catalyst for change in making homeownership a reality for a broader demographic.


Why Own New?

Accessible and Easy

The Own New scheme, through its Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop products, has redefined the pathway to purchasing a new home. It dispels the complexity and inaccessibility often associated with the property market, offering a streamlined and user-friendly approach.

A Broad Eligibility Spectrum

Significantly, Own New opens its doors to a diverse range of applicants, including those who are self-employed, have been previously furloughed, or are in the process of building their credit. The assessment based on current earnings rather than rigid criteria ensures a wider acceptance rate, mirroring the inclusive philosophy of the scheme.

The Appeal of New Builds

The scheme’s focus on new builds brings with it the advantages of modern construction – energy efficiency, no immediate maintenance concerns, and the joy of being the first occupant. It liberates buyers from the need to undertake renovations or deal with the aftermath of previous occupants, offering a fresh start in a home that is truly their own.


Practical Considerations

The Own New scheme, with its innovative offerings of Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop, undeniably broadens the horizon for aspiring homeowners, presenting a suite of opportunities that could transform their path to property ownership. However, the journey towards securing a home through this scheme demands thoughtful consideration and an understanding of one’s financial position. Prospective buyers are encouraged to look into their current financial health and future aspirations, ensuring that their choice between Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop aligns seamlessly with their long-term financial goals and lifestyle objectives.

It is crucial for individuals to acknowledge the inherent commitments and responsibilities that accompany these financial products. Just like any mortgage agreement, entering into a Rate Reducer or Deposit Drop arrangement involves a binding commitment to meet regular payments and adhere to the terms set forth by the lender. This underscores the importance of a comprehensive evaluation of one’s financial resilience and readiness to undertake such obligations.

Prospective buyers should also factor in the evolving nature of the property market and interest rates, considering how these external variables might impact their mortgage repayments in the future. Engaging with a trusted financial advisor or mortgage broker can provide invaluable insights and guidance, helping to navigate the complexities of mortgage products and ensuring that the decision made is well-informed and sustainable over the long haul.

While the Own New scheme offers a promising gateway to homeownership, it comes with the imperative for buyers to approach their decision with diligence, foresight, and a clear understanding of their financial capacity and commitments. This mindful approach not only safeguards against potential financial strain but also maximises the benefits afforded by these innovative homeownership solutions.