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Category: Flooring

Uneven and Cracked Concrete Floors in New Build Home (Latency in Concrete)

Understanding and Addressing Latency in Concrete Floors Concrete floors are a cornerstone in modern construction, prized for their durability, strength, and versatility. Yet, despite their robust nature, concrete floors in new builds are not immune to challenges. Among these, “latency” stands out as a significant issue that can undermine the […]

Creaking Floors in New Build Houses

What are the causes, implications, and solutions for creaking floors in new build homes? Learn about micro cracking, a common defect in floor or ceiling construction that can lead to significant noise issues, and explore comprehensive strategies for investigation, remediation, and prevention.

Strengthening Bouncy Floors in New Build Homes

Effective solutions to enhance the structural integrity and comfort of your new build home. We cover a range of strategies tailored to address bouncy and flexible floors. Whether you’re dealing with limited access spaces or seeking to reinforce second-floor deflection, our insights provide practical, step-by-step guidance to ensure a stable and quiet living environment.