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New Homes Ombudsman & New Homes Quality Code

What is the New Homes Ombudsman?

The New Homes Ombudsman service provides a vital platform for homeowners to address issues with new build homes. This ombudsman for new build houses plays a critical role in ensuring developers adhere to high standards.

If a buyer of a new home encounters problems, such as new build defects, they can lodge a complaint with the New Homes Ombudsman. This body assesses if there has been a breach of the New Homes Quality Code, offering potential compensation for new build problems.


What is the New Homes Quality Code?

The New Homes Quality Code, established by the New Homes Quality Board, is designed to enhance the quality of new build homes. It addresses key areas such as construction standards, inspection processes, and sales practices.

The code fills gaps in current regulations, ensuring the best new build developers maintain high standards. This includes safeguards against high-pressure sales tactics and protection for customer deposits. Additionally, the code mandates fair reservation agreements and cooling-off periods for buyers, improving the overall new build home quality.

The most exciting part for us is that customers will now be able to allow professional snaggers to carry out a pre-completion inspection of the new home on their behalf, preventing paying clients from moving into an incomplete home.

New Build Inspections, as professional snaggers, are excited to offer pre-completion inspections in line with the New Homes Quality Code. This ensures that new build home problems are identified and addressed before you move in.

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How Do They Work Together?

The New Homes Ombudsman scheme works in tandem with the New Homes Quality Code, striving to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction in new housing developments. The scheme holds developers accountable, ensuring they meet the high standards set out in the code.


What Happens If The New Homes Ombudsman Rules A Breach Of The New Homes Quality Code?

Under this legislation, owners of new build homes can report issues to the ombudsman, including complaints about the quality of construction or developer conduct.

If a breach is found, the developer may face penalties, including compensation payouts or expulsion from the New Homes Ombudsman scheme, ensuring accountability for new homes law complaints.


When Can Complaints To The New Homes Ombudsman Be Made?

Complaints to the ombudsman can be made within the first two years after purchasing a new build home. This covers not only construction issues but also the conduct and service quality provided by the developer. The robust complaints process of the New Homes Ombudsman service ensures timely and satisfactory resolutions, keeping customers well-informed throughout.


Why Has The Need For The New Homes Ombudsman Occurred?

Usually, during the first two years of your property’s completion, it is the responsibility of the person who has carried out the work of your development to put right any damage or defects during the Defect Liability Period. However, warranty providers often carry out this work on the builder’s behalf.

The issues usually occur from three to ten years after the completion of the building work, where the warranty provides insurance cover against the cost of repairing only specific defects.

Developers will be required to become and remain a member of the New Homes Ombudsman scheme.

When Will The New Homes Ombudsman Be Launched?

The New Homes Ombudsman service launched in early 2022, with ongoing updates to ensure the industry was prepared. This launch marked a significant step forward in ensuring the quality of new build houses and providing a recourse for homeowners.

Snagging Before Completion – What Are My Next Steps?

For snagging services before completion, New Build Inspections is here to help. We specialise in pre-completion inspections, ensuring your new build home meets the highest standards.

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