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Lease Advice


LEASE was set up in 1994 to provide free information, initial advice and guidance to members of the public about residential leasehold and park homes law. We have been providing this valuable service for more than 20 years. As the first point of contact for leaseholders, we are independent and impartial and all of our advisers are legally qualified.

The service LEASE provides to leaseholders gives us a unique insight into their current concerns and issues; insight that is of value to lawyers, managing agents and other professionals working in the sector. Revenue from the advice line for these professionals, and from our training services, goes to support our free service for leaseholders.


LEASE provides FREE initial advice to members of the public on residential long leasehold and park homes law. We can help if your enquiry is about a flat or leasehold house with a lease longer than 21 years, or if your enquiry is about a park home.

Initial advice is defined as the provision of outline, summary, legal advice enabling you to make an informed decision as to what appropriate action you may need to take next. We will provide as much of this advice as can be fitted into a 15-minute time-slot. Should more detailed information be needed, we can recommend where this may be found. We also offer a paid for service intended primarily for professionals. However should your enquiry be urgent, you may also use this service.

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