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New Home Advantages

New Home Advantages

Energy Efficient
New homes are well insulated and include double glazing as standard making them cheaper to run than older homes; they even come with an energy rating certificate. However, watch out for excessive use of expensive to run halogen lights and rooms that receive little or no natural light requiring lights to be on throughout the day.

A Blank Canvas
You get to choose almost everything from the colour of the carpet to the type of worktop in the kitchen, but be warned you will be stuck with magnolia walls for the first two years while the property settles and dries out.

Stress Free Move
The house builders have perfected the moving process and with no property chain the experience should be hassle free. For those opting for part-exchange deals there is even less to worry about.

Great Deals
The housing developers know how to sell new homes and come up with some great offers. Incentives include: stamp duty paid, cash back, flooring throughout, landscaping and even free cars!

Secure and Safe
New homes are safer and more secure than older homes. Fire safety is helped by the use of smoke alarms, fire doors, and fire retardant materials. New homes often include security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting as standard.

10-year Warranty
Most new homes come with a 10-year warranty by the NHBC, Premier Guarantee or Zurich Municipal. These do not guarantee that your home will be free from snagging defects and are primarily insurance schemes for the developer and not the home owner, but they do provide useful cover and it is not advisable to buy a new home without one.