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Zurich No longer offer a new build warranty but will honour any homes with an existing ten year warranty


The Zurich Building Guarantee is a leading new build warranty provider in the UK and a significant number of new properties are covered by one of their policies. The policy applicable to private buyers of new build homes is known as the “standard 10”. This policy provides the following:

  1. During the build period Zurich Insurance will repay the deposit of up to 10{7ecfb93faefd97fc681d2bda5977be7e8126d94772b1d0e2790db9c88e500d4a} of the value of the property if the housebuilder goes out of business.
  2. In the first two years, the Developers Warranty Period (DWP), snagging defects are covered. If the housebuilder does not deal with reported defects within a reasonable time period, the home owner can use the Zurich Building Guarantee resolution service. There is an £100 excess per item or £500 in total.
  3. A 10-year Structural Insurance Period (SIP) covering structural damage caused by latent defects, although this is primarily an insurance policy for the housebuilder.

It is important to note that a Zurich Building Guarantee does not mean that that a new property will be free from defects or snags,so call now or book your snagging inspection online now.

For further information visit the Zurich Building Guarantee website at or contact them at the address below:

Zurich Building Guarantee
Southwood Crescent
GU14 0NL
Tel: 08702 418050
Fax: 01252 372989


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