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Protek – New Home Warranty

Protek’s New Home Warranty is a significant service in the UK property market, designed for housebuilders and developers involved in building or converting properties for sale. It’s important to note that this warranty is primarily an insurance policy that offers a 10-year cover for new home purchases, a key requirement for mortgage finance.

Protek’s New Home Warranty offers extensive cover and additional benefits that are crucial in the new build property market. While primarily catering to developers and builders, the warranty serves as an essential element in securing mortgage finance and ensuring property standards for new homeowners.


Key Features of the Protek New Home Warranty

10 or 12 Years Cover

The warranty provides either 10 or 12 years of coverage from the date of completion. The first 2 years, known as the Developers Warranty Period, place the responsibility for any defects on the developer. After this, full risk transfer occurs, offering protection in the event of the developer ceasing to trade or failing to meet their obligations.

Contaminated Land and Building Regulations Coverage

The policy covers the costs associated with remediation of contaminated land and includes cover for non-compliance with various building regulations, ensuring adherence to essential construction standards.

Consumer Protection and Code Compliance

Protek is a Consumer Code For New Homes user, indicating a commitment to best practices in the marketing, selling, and purchasing of new homes. This offers a degree of consumer protection and ensures a fair sales process.

Additional Coverage Options

Additional coverage includes costs and expenses, alternative accommodation, removal of debris, and professional fees, providing comprehensive protection for various scenarios.

Responsive Technical Auditing and Partnered Building Control

Protek’s service includes responsive technical auditing by their surveyors and a partnered building control provision. This ensures quality control and efficiency in meeting technical standards throughout the construction process.

Free Registration and Seamless Process

The registration process for developers is simple, free, and can be initiated online. This ease of access is designed to streamline the registration of new development sites.


Contact Info

  • Address: Protek Group Limited First Floor, Marlbridge House, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF
  • Phone: 0333 456 0404
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