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Professional Consultant’s Certificate

Similar in nature to the older Architects Certificate

Lenders will generally only lend on a newly built (or newly converted) property where the property is covered by a warranty scheme (for example, NHBC warranty) or the Professional Consultant’s Certificate (PCC). The PCC is for use by professional consultants when designing and/or monitoring the construction or conversion of residential buildings.

The purpose of the PCC is to confirm to the lender (or its conveyancer/solicitor) that a professional consultant:

  • has visited the property to check on its progress of construction, its conformity with drawings approved under building regulations and its conformity with drawings/instructions issued under the building contract;
  • will remain liable to the first purchasers and their lender and subsequent purchasers and lenders for the period of 6 years from the date of the certificate;
  • has appropriate experience in the design and/or monitoring of the construction and conversion of residential buildings; and
  • will keep a certain level of professional indemnity insurance in force to cover his liabilities under the certificate.

BE AWARE , THESE CERTIFICATES ARE NOT WARRANTIES , and anyone purchasing a property with one should seek advice about protecting themselves in contract or a retention it protects the mortgage company not the home buyer !!!!