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Premier Guarantee – New Homes Warranty

Premier Guarantee offers a New Homes Warranty, designed to protect homeowners of newly built, converted, or refurbished properties during the first 10 years from structural defects. This warranty covers a range of project types, including office to residential conversions, and is essential for those planning to sell their newly built property upon completion.

Premier Guarantee’s New Homes Warranty offers comprehensive protection for newly built, converted, or refurbished homes. Their commitment to quality inspections, technical support, and homeowner satisfaction makes them a reliable choice for structural warranties in the residential construction industry.


Coverage Summary

The New Homes Warranty from Premier Guarantee includes several key elements:

  • Defects Insurance Period: For the initial two years, the developer is responsible for remedying any defects.
  • Structural Insurance Period: Following the first two years, full risk transfer occurs, covering major structural issues.
  • Financial Limits: Coverage limits are up to £1,000,000 for single unit new builds and £500,000 for single unit conversions, with continuous structure limits of £25,000,000 for new builds and £5,000,000 for conversions.
  • Excess: The excess is £100 during the Defects Insurance Period and £1,000 during the Structural Insurance Period.
  • Additional Coverage: Includes up to 26 weeks of alternative accommodation, additional costs, professional fees, and removal of debris.

Service Benefits

Premier Guarantee’s service is noted for its quality-driven inspections and free technical support. They offer comprehensive technical manuals and guidance from their technical department, ensuring adherence to building standards at each construction phase. Moreover, they have partnered with New Homes Review to provide builders and developers with an annual rating based on homeowner feedback.

Process of Engagement

The process of working with Premier Guarantee involves several steps:

  1. Quote: Discussions with dedicated account managers for a bespoke quotation.
  2. Technical Audit: Review of designs and creation of a technical inspection plan.
  3. Construction: Onsite inspections in line with the construction of the development.
  4. Completion: Final inspection and approval for issuance of the Certificate of Insurance.
  5. Cover: Full coverage from day one, with full risk transfer after the Defects Insurance Period.


Positive feedback from various industry professionals, such as Edward Van Der Wee from Pallant Homes and Chris Langdon from Ardmore, highlights the practical, responsive, and professional nature of Premier Guarantee’s service.


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