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One Guarantee – New Home Warranty

One Guarantee offers a New Home Warranty service designed for house-builders and developers in the residential housing market. This warranty is an essential tool for those constructing properties for sale, providing cover against inherent defects. It’s important to note that this warranty, covering up to 10 years, is a key requirement for securing mortgages.

One Guarantee’s New Home Warranty provides comprehensive coverage and benefits crucial in the new build property market. It caters primarily to developers and builders, playing an essential role in facilitating property sales and securing mortgage finance for new homeowners.


Key Features of the One Guarantee New Home Warranty

Warranty Coverage Duration

One Guarantee’s New Home Warranty extends up to 10 years from the practical completion of a build, offering long-term assurance against structural defects.

Cover During Construction

An optional Developer Insolvency Cover is available during the construction phase, providing financial protection against insolvency or fraud by the developer.

Post-Completion Warranty Phases

The warranty is divided into two main phases:

  • Defects Insurance Period (Years 1-2): The developer is responsible for addressing any structural defects in the first two years.
  • Structural Insurance Period (Years 3-10): Full risk transfer occurs, covering any structural defects that emerge during this period.

Additional Benefits and Coverage

The warranty includes contaminated land cover, coverage for part or completed projects, and complies with Building Regulations. It also covers alternative accommodation, professional fees, debris removal, and additional costs.

Inspection Process

A minimum of five inspections per housing unit is conducted by One Guarantee, ensuring adherence to standards at key stages of construction.

Factors Influencing Warranty Cost

The cost of the warranty is influenced by the development’s size and complexity, the developer’s credit rating and financial security, and the developer rating.

Consumer Code for New Homes

The warranty is aligned with the Consumer Code for New Homes, offering additional protection and ensuring a fair purchasing process.


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