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NHBC – Buildmark Warranty

The NHBC Buildmark Warranty is a comprehensive insurance cover and warranty for newly-built or newly-converted homes. Tailored for NHBC registered builders and homeowners, it offers significant protection and peace of mind in the homebuilding and buying process.

The NHBC Buildmark Warranty offers a comprehensive insurance and warranty solution for new homes, with its multi-tiered coverage approach. It’s a dependable choice for builders seeking to provide assurance to their customers and for homeowners looking for protection for their new home.


Warranty Overview

Buildmark is designed to provide pre-completion deposit protection, a two-year builder warranty period backed by NHBC’s resolution service and guarantee, followed by an eight-year insurance policy for physical damage to the home caused by failure to comply with NHBC requirements.

Key Policy Features

  • Builder Insolvency Protection: This applies prior to completion, typically covering 10% of the original purchase price, up to £100,000, for the first owner.
  • New Build and Conversion Coverage: Warranty and insurance cover up to £1 million for new builds and £500,000 for conversions, with higher limits available on referral.
  • Continuous Structures Cover: Up to £25 million for new builds and £5 million for conversions.
  • Additional Cover: Includes alternative accommodation and storage costs.
  • Minimum Claim Value (MCV): NHBC covers the full cost if the claim exceeds the MCV, with no contribution required from the homeowner.
  • Contaminated Land Coverage: Included for the full ten-year period.

The NHBC Advantage

NHBC Buildmark warranties are backed by A-rated insurers, ensuring robust and reliable coverage. The policies are widely approved by UK mortgage lenders, facilitating the buying process. NHBC also provides industry-leading technical support, with risk management surveyors to ensure high construction standards.

NHBC’s Industry Presence

NHBC, established in 1936, is a leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes in the UK. It has covered millions of homes with its Buildmark warranty, establishing a reputation for quality and reliability in the home building industry.


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