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LABC – New Homes For Sale Warranty

LABC Warranty offers a 10-year new build home warranty, designed to cover homes being constructed for sale. This warranty represents a comprehensive structural warranty package that serves to protect both builders and buyers.

The LABC New Homes for Sale Warranty is a robust solution for builders and buyers alike. Its comprehensive coverage, backed by A-rated insurers and strong lender acceptance, makes it a solid choice for those seeking a dependable warranty for new home constructions.


Warranty Coverage

The LABC New Homes for Sale Warranty includes a 2-year Defects Insurance Period followed by an 8-year Structural Insurance Period. This tiered approach ensures that the initial years are focused on addressing any immediate construction issues, while the remaining period provides long-term protection against major structural defects.

Financial Limits and Coverage Details

  • New Build Coverage: Up to £1,000,000 for new builds.
  • Conversion Coverage: Up to £500,000 for conversions.
  • Continuous Structure Limit: Up to £25,000,000 for new builds, with higher limits available upon request.
  • Included in Cover: Mechanical and electrical inherent defects for the first 5 years, contaminated land, additional costs and fees, alternative accommodation, and removal of debris.
  • Optional Cover: Deposit cover available during the building period.

Why Choose LABC Warranty?

  • Backed by A-rated Insurers: Offering peace of mind through strong, reliable underwriting.
  • Lender Approval: Widely accepted by leading banks and building societies, facilitating mortgage processes for buyers.
  • Technical Support: Voted No.1 in the structural warranty market for technical support, backed by LABC’s risk management surveyors.
  • Partnership with LABC: This collaboration provides a dual layer of oversight, covering both building regulations and risk management.

LABC Warranty in Numbers

LABC Warranty, established in 2007, is one of the UK’s largest providers of structural warranties for new homes and buildings. The company has covered £23 billion worth of reconstruction costs since its inception and completed over 105,000 homes and commercial units since 2017.


Positive feedback from industry professionals like Mark Sherwood of Morris Homes and James Holmear of Redrow Homes underscores the effectiveness and reliability of LABC Warranty services.


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