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ICW – Residential Warranties

ICW, established in 2003, offers tailored residential warranties known as Latent Defect Insurance. This warranty provides a 10-year policy for new builds, renovations, and includes retrospective cover. ICW’s service is distinguished by its flexibility, range of cover options, and transparent processes.

ICW’s residential warranties offer a reliable and comprehensive safety net for new home constructions and renovations. Their commitment to tailored cover, backed by a decade of expertise and strong insurer partnerships, makes them a notable choice in the residential warranty market.


Warranty Coverage

The standard residential warranty from ICW is designed to cover crucial structural elements of a building, starting from the legal completion date or, under Scottish law, the date of entry to the premises. This warranty is underwritten by ‘A’ rated insurers, providing robust protection for homeowners.

Key Features of ICW Warranties

  • Efficient and Value-Oriented: Premiums are based on the build cost rather than the sale price, offering realistic and better value coverage.
  • High Approval Rating: The warranty is approved by 97% of the UK mortgage market, demonstrating its reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Consumer Code Compliance: ICW is one of the few providers with an industry-approved consumer code, ensuring high standards of service.
  • Security and Stability: The warranty is underwritten by strong, financially stable insurers, giving homeowners and developers peace of mind.

Unique Aspects of ICW’s Service

ICW provides a bespoke approach to each project, ensuring unique coverage tailored to specific needs. The claim process is straightforward and does not rely on proof of negligence, simplifying the experience for homeowners. Their transparent and straightforward underwriting process further adds to the ease of obtaining and managing the warranty.

Clientele and Service Approach

ICW policies are designed to instil confidence in various clients, including homeowners, builders, developers, and housing associations. Their focus on personal service and understanding the specific needs of each project allows them to provide comprehensive and competitive quotes quickly and efficiently.


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