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Global – New Home Warranty

Global Home Warranties offers a 10-Year Structural Warranty for new homes in the UK and Ireland. This warranty is designed to cover major structural damage caused by latent defects in design, workmanship, or materials. It serves as an important tool for both homeowners and developers in safeguarding their properties.

The Global New Home Warranty provides essential protection against structural defects for a period of 10 years. It is designed to give homeowners and developers peace of mind, knowing that significant structural issues are covered. The policy’s clear definition of terms, like major damage and snagging, as well as the detailed claims process, highlight its utility in the new home market.


Key Features of the Global New Home Warranty

Warranty Coverage

The 10-Year Structural Warranty covers major damage to load-bearing elements of the property due to latent defects. It addresses issues affecting structural stability, resistance to damp and water penetration, and includes coverage for the waterproof envelope of the property.

Policy Duration and Phases

The warranty is valid for 10 years, divided into two key periods:

  • The first two years (Developer Liability Period), where the developer is responsible for rectifying defects.
  • Years three to ten (Structural Insurance Period), where claims for major structural damage are addressed by the warranty provider.

Claims and Excess

For residential claims, there is a £/€1000 excess, payable by the homeowner. The claim must exceed this amount to qualify as a valid claim, and homeowners are encouraged to obtain repair quotes to make informed decisions.

Snags vs Major Damage

A snag is defined as a small or minor repair that does not affect the structure of the property. General maintenance and wear and tear are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Policy Request and Customer Support

Homeowners can request their policy documents through the website, indicating a commitment to transparent and accessible service.

Regulatory Compliance

Global Home Warranties is an appointed representative of Peacock Insurance Services Limited, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


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