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CRL Structural Insurance and Warranties

CRL, a company no longer in operation, provided structural insurance solutions to a range of building professionals, including self-builders, developers, and housing associations.

CRL’s structural defects insurance services were designed to support various construction projects and enhance the saleability of properties by offering reassurance to buyers and lenders. While CRL is no longer trading, their approach in the field of structural insurance involved addressing a range of client needs and project types.

CRL was a member of the Council of Mortgage Lenders and was recognised by many of the UK’s leading mortgage across the UK and Ireland.


Services Previously Offered by CRL

CRL Structural Warranty and Building Warranty

CRL offered a standard 10-year coverage against latent defects in design, workmanship, and materials. Their CRL new build warranty extended to various types of construction projects, aiming to address diverse construction challenges.

Nationwide Surveyor Network

The company employed a network of surveyors across the nation to oversee compliance and quality standards during key construction stages. These surveyors provided guidance throughout the construction process.

Partnerships with Insurance Providers

CRL collaborated with several UK insurance providers to offer a range of products and services, aiming to meet various construction-related insurance needs, including those beyond the typical CRL building warranty.

Flexible Coverage Options

CRL also offered retrospective structural warranties for partially or completely finished properties. This service was intended to accommodate different stages and complexities of construction projects.

Scope of Coverage

The types of developments covered by CRL included new builds, self-builds, renovations, eco-builds, and others. Key structural components such as load-bearing systems, roof framing, and waterproof envelopes were among the covered areas.

Inspection and Certification Process

CRL’s process involved initial, interim, and final inspections, leading to the issuance of a Final Build Certificate. The aim was to align this process with clients’ development schedules to minimise delays.


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