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Capital Structural Building Warranty Services

Capital Warranties, a company no longer active in the market, previously offered 10-Year Structural Building Warranties in the UK. This page aims to provide an overview of the services they provided for self-builders, developers, homeowners, and various professionals.

While Capital Warranties is no longer trading, their focus on providing 10-Year Structural Building Warranties played a role in the UK property market, particularly in easing the sale and mortgage process for properties.


Services Offered by Capital Warranties

10-Year Structural Building Warranties

Capital Warranties specialised in providing a decade-long warranty, primarily focusing on structural integrity. This service was targeted towards self-builders, developers, and homeowners, aiming to facilitate property sales and mortgage sourcing.

Service Approach

The company’s approach was centred around delivering a fast and efficient service. They emphasised personal contact from the start of the service, intending to make the warranty process straightforward and user-friendly.

Free Quote and Application Process

Capital Warranties offered a no-obligation quote, encouraging potential clients to understand their offerings without immediate commitment. This process was designed to be accessible to a wide range of clients, including insurance brokers, local governments, lawyers, and accountants.

Collaboration with Builders and Developers

The company worked closely with builders and developers to source appropriate warranty products. Their 10-Year Structural Warranty was marketed as a key tool in making property sales smoother and helping buyers obtain mortgages, as most lenders required such a warranty in place.

Client Base

Capital Warranties catered to a diverse clientele, including self-builders, builders, professional services like lawyers and accountants, and government bodies. Their services were designed to meet the varying needs of these groups, ensuring compliance and peace of mind in property transactions.


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