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BuildSafe – New Build 10 Year Warranty

The BuildSafe New Build 10 Year Warranty is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect against major structural defects in new constructions. Aimed at builders, property developers, contractors, and property owners, this warranty spans a decade, offering long-term peace of mind and security.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty primarily covers significant structural damage over a ten-year period. It begins with a two-year defects insurance period, during which the builder is responsible for addressing any construction defects. This is followed by an additional eight years of coverage provided by the insurance company, covering various structural issues including problems arising from damp penetration, poor workmanship, and material defects.

It is important to note that the warranty has certain exclusions. It does not cover household appliances, minor aesthetic issues, damage caused by weather conditions, or regular wear and tear.

Compliance and Transferability

While the UK government does not mandate this warranty, it is often a requirement for mortgage lenders. The warranty is flexible in terms of its start date, allowing activation before, during, or after the construction process. Furthermore, if the property is sold, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner, adding value to the property and assuring the new owner of continued protection.

The BuildSafe Edge

BuildSafe’s expertise in the industry, with over 40 years of experience, ensures professional and meticulous management of the warranty process. They provide access to a team of experts who offer advice and support throughout the warranty period. BuildSafe’s approach to pricing is tailored to each project, guaranteeing competitive rates for comprehensive coverage.

Owner’s Responsibility and Dispute Resolution

Property owners have a significant role to play in maintaining the integrity of their warranty. Adequate property maintenance is crucial, as negligence can impact the terms of the warranty. Additionally, understanding the specifics of the warranty, such as its effective date and the extent of coverage, is essential for property owners. In the event of disputes with the builder during the initial two-year period, the warranty includes a dispute resolution scheme, providing an extra layer of assurance and support.

Getting in Touch

For those interested in learning more about the New Build 10 Year Warranty or seeking to get a quote, BuildSafe provides comprehensive contact information and support through their customer service channels.

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