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Building Warranties – New Home Warranty

Building Warranties offers a New Home Warranty, also known as a 10-Year Structural Warranty or Latent Defects Policy. This warranty is designed for new build properties, covering potential structural issues caused by defects in design, workmanship, or materials. It’s a critical requirement for mortgage lenders in the UK for all new build homes.

The Building Warranties New Home Warranty is a comprehensive solution for builders and developers, offering peace of mind and security for new homeowners. It ensures compliance with mortgage lender requirements and provides essential cover for structural defects.


Key Features of the Building Warranties New Home Warranty

Duration and Coverage

The warranty provides 10 years of coverage from the Building Regulation Sign Off. The first two years constitute the Defect Period, wherein any immediate structural defects are addressed.

Scope of Warranty

The policy covers the costs of complete or partial rebuilding in the event of a building defect or structural failure. It includes professional fees such as those for architects and engineers.

Recognition and Flexibility

This warranty is recognised by UK Finance listed mortgage lenders.
Coverage is also available for projects that have already started.

Customer Service and Support

Building Warranties emphasises customer service and provides a dedicated account handler for each project. The warranty is fully assignable to future property owners, adding value to the property.

Process for Obtaining a Warranty Quote

The process involves a short phone call with the builder or client, submission of construction drawings, a site investigation report, and possibly additional project-specific information.

Company Background

Established in 2009, Building Warranties assists builders and developers in accessing alternative warranties, leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and the construction industry.


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