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Build-Zone – New Home Warranty

Build-Zone has been a trusted provider of new home warranties since 2003, offering a comprehensive 10-year new home guarantee that is essential for protecting your investment from the very beginning. The Build-Zone New Home Warranty is designed to cover new build properties from structural issues that may arise due to defects in design, materials, or workmanship.

Build-Zone’s New Home Warranty stands out for its comprehensive coverage, trusted backing by A-rated insurers, and its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of construction. With technical support available from the start and a range of inclusive benefits, Build-Zone provides a robust safety net for new homeowners and developers alike.


Warranty Coverage

The warranty, which is accepted by the majority of UK lenders, offers a sense of security and reassurance that your project is protected. This coverage allows you to confidently sell the property and pass on the new house guarantee to your buyer. The warranty encompasses various forms of developments including new build, conversion, social housing, build-to-rent, major projects, and mixed-use developments.

Features and Benefits

  • Ten-Year Structural Warranty: Backed by A-rated insurers, the warranty provides a decade-long assurance against structural defects.
  • Flexible Coverage: The warranty is applicable for a wide range of developments and includes cover for alternative accommodation, additional costs, removal of debris, and professional fees.
  • No Membership Fees: Build-Zone offers this warranty without any membership or registration fees, ensuring easy accessibility for developers and homeowners.
  • Rapid Service: Known for fast quotation turnaround and quick response from their nationwide technical auditing and survey service.
  • Full Risk Transfer in Years 3-10: This aspect of the warranty ensures comprehensive protection throughout the latter stages of the 10-year period.
  • Technical Services Support: With an in-house technical team, Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS), Build-Zone ensures that every new build is constructed to the highest standards, potentially saving money on the premium.

Transferability and Claims

The warranty smoothly transfers from the seller to the buyer, ensuring the new owner is protected against structural issues for the first 10 years from completion. In case of any structural problems, Build-Zone provides guidance and support for making claims, ensuring a straightforward process for homeowners.

Importance for Home Sales

A new home warranty like Build-Zone’s is crucial in the home sales process. Latent structural issues, which may take years to surface, can be expensive to fix. Without a warranty, selling new build houses can be challenging, as most mortgage lenders require this assurance before releasing funds.


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