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Build Warranty – Residential Warranty

Build Warranty offers a comprehensive Residential Warranty, also known as a 10-Year Home Warranty or Latent Defect Insurance, for a range of residential properties. This warranty is tailored for clients ranging from self-builders to professional developers, covering new build homes as well as renovation and conversion projects.

Build Warranty’s Residential Warranty provides a range of coverage options that cater to the varying needs of the residential property market. Their commitment to flexibility, competitive pricing, and comprehensive cover makes them a noteworthy option in the warranty landscape.


Key Features of the Build Warranty Residential Warranty

Warranty Coverage and Duration

The Residential Warranty primarily serves as a 10-year insurance policy for new builds, renovations, and completed properties, ensuring protection against structural defects. It covers crucial structural elements of the building, from walls and foundations to windows and roofing.

Flexibility and Range of Cover

Build Warranty prides itself on offering flexible and transparent warranty solutions that cater to a wide range of residential projects. This includes cover for unique renovation works, such as barn conversions and listed buildings, areas often not covered by many warranty providers.

Specialist Solutions

Recognising the needs of modern homeowners, Build Warranty provides retrospective policies for properties under 10 years old, fulfilling lender requirements. They also offer insolvency protection, safeguarding projects against the risk of developer insolvency.

Process and Client Support

The warranty process is designed to be swift and straightforward, with a simple claim process that doesn’t rely on proof of negligence. Clients receive bespoke coverage for each project and benefit from an independent perspective on construction projects.

Competitive Pricing

Leveraging their volume of business, Build Warranty is able to offer competitive premiums, making their warranties accessible to a broader range of clients.

Underwriting and Claim Process

The underwriting process is transparent, and the claim process is designed to be simple, aiming to alleviate stress for the homeowners.


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