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BLP Allianz – Latent Defects and New Homes Warranty

Important Announcement: BLP No Longer Offering New Warranties

BLP Insurance are a notable provider of Latent Defects and New Homes Warranty Insurance in partnership with Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty (AGCS). As of 27th November 2020, BLP and AGCS have concluded their 21-year partnership, ceasing to offer new policies.

Continued Service for Existing BLP Policy Holders

While BLP is no longer providing quotations for products supported by AGCS, existing policy holders need not worry. BLP will audit and service all accepted quotes for policies up to 27th November 2020. AGCS remains committed to providing a full claims service for policies agreed upon before this date.

Support for Homeowners and Insured Premises

Homeowners within the Period of Insurance: If your property is within the insurance period, your policy remains unaffected. AGCS will continue to provide a comprehensive claims service should any insured defects arise within your property.

How to Verify Your Period of Insurance: The original developer would have provided you with essential documents, including the Policy Document and Certificate of Insurance, through the conveyancer. These documents specify the cover period based on the date of issue or the first entry on the Land Registry.

What Your Policy Covers

Your defects insurance cover encompasses structural elements and the weatherproofing and waterproofing envelope of the building. Valid claims are subject to an excess detailed in your Policy Schedule. Additionally, coverage may extend to other components within the building, as specified in your Policy.

Exclusions and Not Covered

It’s important to note certain exclusions:

  • Ingress of Water within the first 12 months is the developer’s responsibility.
  • Snagging items, typically not classified as structural defects, are addressed by the developer.
  • Issues like flooding, storm damage, or DIY-related pipe damage are not within the scope of Latent Defects insurance and should be directed to the building insurer.

Claims Handling

All claims are initially handled by BLP’s specialist partner, TMCM, on behalf of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, UK Branch. Settlements and repair works are authorised by insurers through a loss adjuster once a claim is reported.

To notify a claim, contact the BLP claims service, providing your Policy reference number and address. You will receive a claim form to detail the claim or circumstance relevant to your cover.


Additional Information

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