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Who are we?

We’re the people to set things to right.

We’ve been in the industry for years – boots on the ground. Working with some of the leading Structural Defects Insurance providers we’ve seen the worst of practices, we’ve seen the best. We know exactly what homeowners, builders and housing associations both need and deserve from their insurer.

We understand Inspectors too; how important it is for your credibility to have a strong insurer to recommend to your clients. An insurer who will properly reciprocate that support. So we’ve taken that experience and we’ve turned it into the speediest, smartest inspection matched by the very best insurance available anywhere. Structural Defects Insurance singularly focused on delivering you the very best products and the very best support.

  1. a new, improved insurance product underwritten by Elite Insurance.
  2. a level of service that genuinely knows no equal – personal, professional. partnership
  3. a team of trained, accredited, independent inspectors

Time for a better types of insurance and inspection? Your new best Structural Defects Insurance option. It’s here. Get started today. Call 0845 900 3969.

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