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What Gets Checked During An Inspection

What gets checked during a New Build Snagging Inspection?

New Build Inspections snagging inspectors will check every aspect of the property that is visible.

Your report details the outcome of a visual survey of the property detailed above to check the quality of workmanship against applicable standards. It covers both the interior and the exterior of the property as well as garden, driveway and garage if relevant.

This snagging inspection report will be produced by a suitably qualified and experienced and independent building inspector. They will have all the equipment they need to produce a full inspection.


What is snagging?

We have a full article around what snagging is here. In essence, a snag is a small defect or problem that remains in your property after the building work has been completed.


How long does a snagging inspection take?

The length of time an inspection can take will vary according to the size of the property, the number of snags found, whether the property is furnished or unfurnished.


The report aims to help you:

  • Highlight any issues in the property that fall short of the warranty standards.
  • Highlight any breaches of building regulations or any other statutory technical guidance.
  • Identify works which are outstanding.
  • Identify where traditional custom and practice within the industry have not been met.
  • Provide guidance prior to or post completion of the property as to any outstanding issues requiring remedial works.

We would encourage you to call our office and discuss with us, what we cover, and any concerns you may have, and any special requirements you need from us.


What is not checked, and why?

  • TV Systems – Where no aerial is present.
  • Drainage Systems – Can be checked by arrangement.
  • Telecoms – Most have no connection at the time of inspection.
  • Alarm Systems – There are so many differing types, all require a specialist to advise home owner.
  • Home Automation Systems – These are complex systems and there are many differing types, all require a specialist to advise the home owner.


Can we arrange further inspection services?

Yes, if you suspect there is an underlying problem within the fabric of the building we can arrange for destructive investigations, camera surveys, thermal surveys, laboratory testing of materials on or after the day of inspection.

A “de snag” or “re inspection” to check that all the works have been carried out by the builder is available at extra cost *


When do we recommend further investigations?

Where there is evidence of a defect of a structural nature, we will in the first instance ask the builder to investigate, if they do not comply, we can either arrange independent specialist inspections or get the warranty provider involved to provide arbitration/resolution.



Our inspectors are experienced construction and property professionals, and the service that New Build Inspections provides is not in any way a valuation or structural survey. If however, elements are noticed by our inspectors that raise concerns in these areas, then a recommendation shall be made that a structural survey is carried out.

See terms and conditions for full details