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Snagging Survey Wymondham

Have you moved into your new home only to find out that there are more faults than you bargained for? Don’t worry- we’re here to help. New build homeowners have a duration of 2 years to liaise with the housebuilders to get these costly snags fixed. It’s always best to get a professional to do this for you as they know what is classed as cosmetic and unsafe. They also have experience and the knowledge to be able to communicate to the builders with confidence and give you a better chance of getting the snags fixed.

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What is a snagging survey Wymondham

A snagging survey Wymondham is carried out while inspecting a new property and detecting ‘snags’. You may be wondering, what is snagging? A ‘snag’ is a defect or issue within the house, which is either classed as cosmetic or unsafe. These defects can range in severity, from being a broken tile to a window that won’t close properly (a security threat). A snagging survey Wymondham will list all of the errors found and can be used to help make sure that you receive everything you have paid for from your developer. 

New build inspections carry out professional snagging surveys Wymondham across the whole of the UK. We know exactly what will be missed by the naked eye and inspect all parts of the property to ensure that nothing is missed. Using our extensive knowledge, we will work wholly on your behalf to liaise with the housebuilders. 

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Why do I need a snagging survey Wymondham?

Houses are being built extremely quickly in the modern-day in an attempt to maximise profits. When looking at the number of houses generated year on year, it’s not surprising that the quality of the build is commonly poor. If you feel you have fallen victim to this problem, get in touch with us to get a snagging survey Wymondham today.

We will thoroughly inspect your property, looking for cosmetic, plumbing, electrical problems, even external finishing. In addition to this, our inspectors will make sure that your property is compliant with technical standards and building regulations. Our service has the potential to save you considerable money in the future, fixing problems that the housebuilders failed to complete.

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Get your snagging survey Wymondham today

Using our experience and equipment, we have a knack to identify problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. We want you to get exactly what you paid for from the developer. We are there to help you get the most out of your money. Get in touch with us today and we will inspect your property & complete a snagging survey Wymondham at a date that is convenient for you. Let us help you to get your property up to scratch.