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The best washer dryers

Though most machines come with a myriad of variations, finding the best washer dryer for your needs is easier than it seems.

Essentially, you’re looking for something that handles your laundry as efficiently as possible and washer-dryer combo kills two birds with one stone.

It’s important to ensure you get the right machine for your needs, of course, and one which will last the battering and bruising life of a washer dryer without being too loud or slow. After all, if you’re investing in something you save you time, you might as well save energy while you’re at it.

What to look for in a washer dryer

The first choice to make is between a freestanding or an integrated washer dryer. An integrated dryer fits in with the rest of your white goods and cupboards, while a freestanding model can be front loaded and often features a larger capacity.

You should also check the energy rating of the model you are looking to purchase, rated from A to G. The best washer dryers will have an A rating or A+ or better.

Why a washer dryer?

Washer dryers can be great for space saving and efficiency, squeezing in one white good instead of forking out cash and space for a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

According to the John Lewis washing machine buying guide, when looking for a washer drying you get what you pay for. A higher price means more features and more energy saving settings. 

However, it adds: “they’re more limited in their tumble drying function because of the size of the drum, which will usually restrict you to drying a load that’s smaller than the one you’ve just washed.”

Wash programmes

Different machines will have a variety of wash programmes available, but generally the more pricey the model the more variety and customisation you will have on offer. 

The most recent machines will usually have gentle handwash programmes, quick washes, economy settings and energy saving programmes that you can make the most of.

The best washer dryers

1. Beko washer dryer


This Beko WDR7543121B washer dryer is energy efficient and has a 7kg drum and has a ‘wash and wear’ programme which allows you to wash and dry up to 1kg of clothes in under an hour.

It also has a smart brushless motor which makes this dryer quieter than most when in operation. Beko calls its washer dryer the “ultimate time-saver”, and a full load can be whisked through in just 28 minutes. It also features a super-short programme for 2kg of washing so you can be in and out in just 14 minutes.

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2. Hotpoint washer dryer

£379, John Lewis

This Hotpoint FDL9640KUK Aquarius washer dryer has a wash capacity of 9kg and a drying capacity of 6kg. For families, Hotpoint’s anti-stain technology is also incredibly handy – for most stains, you won’t even need to use a pre-treatment solution.

Its ‘Ready to Wear’ function also means its perfect for last-minute loads, as it washes and dries laundry in just 45 minutes with the same great results as a longer cycle. As one of the cheapest washer dryers on the list, it’s also feature packed; fans love the Super Wash, Eco , and a Super Silent Motor cycles, while the Anti-Allergy wash and rinse cycle removes 99.9% of major allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.

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3. Indesit washer dryer

£359, Currys

This Indesit Innex XWDE 861480X S washer makes use of ‘push and wash dry’ technology, allowing you to simply press one button to wash and dry your clothes straight through. With one push you can ready your wash and dry cycle for 45 minutes, starting a 30 degree cycle for cottons and synthetics.

It has an 8kg maximum washing capacity and a 6kg maximum drying capacity, and a 1400 rpm spin capacity.

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4. Miele washer dryer

£1,929, John Lewis

This Miele machine is one of the most expensive washer dryers on the market, but comes from trusted and reliable German brand Miele. The Miele WTH120WPM uses ‘PowerWash’ technology and condenser drying to wash and dry up to 4kg of laundry in less than three hours.

It has a maximum spin speed of 1600 rpm and 12 programmes for different wash cycles. It comes with up to a five year guarantee if you buy it from John Lewis. Its 7kg wash capacity is its main drawback at this price.

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5. Bosch washer dryer

£679, Currys

This Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB washer dryer has an extremely quiet motor and can wash and dry at speed, all while staying energy efficient. The washer dryer even blasts germs and bacteria at low temperatures, thanks to its ‘HygieneCare program, blowing hot air into the drum before the 30 degree wash cycle. This kill off bacteria without high temperature damage and saves energy,

With a durable EcoSilence drive (which keeps things as quiet as the name suggests), you can even run the machine while the baby is sleeping.

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6. Samsung freestanding washer dryer

£599, Hughes

This washer dryer from Samsung offers a powerful washing and drying experience. It uses “speed spray” technology to rinse the closes and accelerate the spinning power to complete washing in under an hour. It also has an intensive stain removal setting which helps to remove stubborn stains.

It has a delayed start option, a hefty 9kg wash capacity and a drying capacity of 6kg. It features a child safety lock for peace of mind. It has a spin speed of 1,500 rpm and a quick wash time of 15 minutes.

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7. LG freestanding washer dryer

£899, Electrical Discount

This LG F4J6AM2S washer dryer has an 8kg wash and a 4kg dryer capacity. Clothes can be refreshed in under 20 minutes and it also features NFC technology, which features smart diagnosis so you can find out about minor issues with the dryer before they become a problem. 

It has up to 20 wash programmes, which you can update daily, and you can even pause the wash and add that pair of socks you forgot to put in. There’s a three-year guarantee at John Lewis, and the motor itself has a 10-year warranty from LG. 

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Our favourites

While all of the brands featured in this review manufacture excellent washer dryers, we nevertheless have a couple of favourites.

The Bosch Serie 6 washer dryer is energy efficient and a top choice on the cheaper end. On the other end of the price spectrum is the Miele WTH120WPM which, though pricey, comes from one of the most reliable brands in the white goods market.